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1. Individually tailored plan
2. Made by UCI certified coach with 20+ years of experience
3. All this at a price of a lunch with coffee 😉

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If you got here because you want to start your cycling adventure, let us applaud your decision. However, the stories of our clients often look a little bit different. For example: yes, you bought a professional-level bike for the price of a small car, and you have now experienced one of two scenarios. Either you don’t train enough, or you overtrain, and you haven’t seen any significant progress at all.

How we know that? We have helped hundreds of cyclists who have faced similar challenges. A lot of people declare that they want to train systematically while losing kilos of weight. They want to achieve their athletic goals, but without the help of a coach, it can be very difficult to achieve concrete results.

The monthly cost of training under the supervision of a professional coach costs around 250-400 USD/EUR and more. For most of us this is too much for our needs. 

The service of economical monthly subsription (5-8 times less!) of tailored training plan with nice touchings is the response.

Our team of Way2Champ professional cycling coaches with UCI level experiecen has prepared a solution that sits between devising your own training programme and personal expensive work with individual coaches.


If you have had enough of:

And if we said that:

Why is it worth paying for access to the Form Development Program?


The subscription to our service will benefit those who are:

Lovers of road or MTB cycling, especially those who want to improve their results significantly

Focused on their goals, including weight loss, improved results or development of power on bike / FTP

Not getting satisfying results with their actual training methods

wanting to avoid mistakes in training and who finally want to see increase in their cycling form

Why should you trust us?

Meet our experts

The Form Development Program was created by experienced cyclists and coaches with over 10 years of experience each. We built everything by ourselves, and we have personally crafted the training plans which are working among our athletes.

We are a team that combines our common love of cycling. As a result, each of us is deeply committed to the project, which translates into positive effects for those using our Program.

90% of our clients achieve large or very large increases in form after just 3 months of cooperation.


Each of us has been recognised for our cycling achievements, and some of us are even UCI coaches

We systematically look after our social media accounts, in which we share our knowledge and strategies free of charge for our subscribers.

We promise that if you follow our training programme, you will improve your performance by 10-20% in the first few months of cooperation

On Facebook alone, you can find over 85 opinions from Poland and internationally. Our average score is 5.0 – and we work to maintain it!

Meet the authors of the program

Arkadiusz Kogut

Way2Champ founder and cycling coach, UCI cycling coach, training blogger, his mission in the company is to improve people`s lifes through sport.

Anna Sadowska

Cycling coach at Way2Champ, MSc. in the field of human nutrition, over 30 years of professional experience (athletics, basketball, cycling), She has completed over 300 bicycle marathons, most of which on the podium

Robert Radosz

Polish Cycling Federation coach, Way2Champ cycling coach, former professional cyclist, medalist in the Polish championships, rode for Team Poland during the World Championships in Plouay.

Wojciech Skarżyński

Way2Champ cycling coach, former professional cyclist, Polish Cycling Federation coach.

Krystian Piróg

Way2Champ cycling trainer, Polish Cycling Federation coach, experienced rider and bikefitter.

Tomasz Jamka

Way2Champ cycling trainer, former competitive cyclist, graduate of the Sports Championship School in Świdnica, experienced practitioner.

Krzysztof Tracz

Way2Champ cycling coach, former professional cyclist, outstanding expert in the field of cycling equipment and racing.

Jarosław Dymek

Way2Champ cycling coach, Polish Cycling Federation coach, experienced rider and bikefitter

Mateusz Gawełczyk

Professional sports nutritionist from with competitive background in swimming.

Arkadiusz Kogut

założyciel i trener kolarstwa Way2Champ, trener kolarstwa UCI, autor w magazynie SZOSA, pomaga kolarzom w wydobywaniu sportowego potencjału

Ania Szafraniec

trenerka kolarstwa Way2Champ, była zawodowa kolarka MTB, medalistka mistrzostw świata i Europy, wielokrotna mistrzyni Polski, reprezentantka olimpijska

Robert Radosz

instruktor kolarstwa PZKol, trener kolarstwa Way2Champ, byly kolarz zawodowy, medalista mistrzostw Polski, reprezentant Polski podczas mistrzostw świata w Plouay

Krzysztof Tracz

Trener kolarstwa Way2Champ, były kolarz zawodowy, wybitny znawca sprzętu

Maciej Dombrowski

Trener biegania ultra i kolarstwa Way2Champ, rekordzista Rzeźnika, pasjonat gotowania

Wojciech Skarżyński

Trener kolarstwa Way2Champ, były kolarz zawodowy, instruktor kolarstwa PZKol

Krystian Piróg

Trener kolarstwa Way2Champ, instruktor kolarstwa PZKol, doświadczony zawodnik i bikefitter

Mateusz Gawełczyk

Trener kolarstwa Way2Champ, były kolarz wyczynowy, absolwent Szkoły Mistrzostwa Sportowego w Świdnicy


They changed their training and looked after their health!

build the form of YOUR life IN just 3-6 months - your training looks like this

The best cyclists have been coached by us

Katarzyna Niewiadoma – World Tour female rider, winner of Amstel Gold Race, Trofeo Binda and OVO Women`s Tour

Karol Domagalski – Polish representative, professional cyclist from the Mazowsze Serce Polski team, participant in Tour de Pologne, suffered a serious accident last year at the Małopolska Mountain Race, he is still training with us and is preparing to resume professional-level competition

Szymon Tracz – Polish cycling champion in the U23 category, professional cyclist for the CCC Development team.

Nikol Płosaj – Polish cycling champion in the U23 category, medalist at the World Cup in track cycling

Katarzyna Niewiadoma
Karol Domagalski
Szymon Tracz
Nikol Płosaj

So - what do you get from us?


How does it work?

Step by step

1. Select your package

You choose the package you are interested in. If you need help, feel free to contact us.

2. Choose your form of payment

Choose the form of payment that suits you best. You can make secure payments just like in any other online store.

3. Complete the detailed training survey

After placing your order, you will receive from us a detailed survey in which you will answer questions about your training, including details about the amount of time you can spend and the available equipment.

4. Start training with us

Every month In your dedicated panel, you will receive a new training package, nutrition and an invitation to free online training with specialists.

5. Complete your training logs

After each month of training that you complete, you will receive a special survey. On the basis of the complete survey, the coach will apply the appropriate program for the next month on your Training Peaks account.

make your form great again!

Get access today to the WAY2Progress Development Program

Way2Progress Beginner



No risk! You can resign at any time.

What will you get:

Way2Progress Pro



Get the plan and expert knowledge only for members

What will you get:

Way2Progress Pro+



Get the plan, expert knowledge and monthy fitness report

What will you get:

Way2Progress Beginner



No risk! You can resign at any time.

What will you get:

Way2Progress Pro



No risk! You can resign at any time.

What will you get:

Way2Progress Pro+



No risk! You can resign at any time.

What will you get:

Benefits for you


Selected every 30 days by a coach from the Way2Champ database based on completed surveys, which are made available on the Training Peaks platform


ACCESS TO A coach by e-mail

Ask trainers questions and gain support and motivation from them.

Monthly fitness report (PRO +)

Report in PDF with individual coaching comment on performance charts: how are you doing, what to expect, what the number tells about your shape


Each example of the diet contains two versions (2000 kcal / 3000 kcal) in 3 types: suitable for those on a standard diet / vegetarian diet / vegan diet, complete with recipes

WEBINARS with experts

Professional and proven knowledge available only to subscribers of the Way2Champ Development Program


video onboarding

Videos how to start training with your program + bonus tips. Suggested settings, terrain selection, trainer, power / heart rate meter, what in the absence of training, etc.

cycling training never had been easier

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but you cannot be new to cycling. It is best if you have ridden for a minimum of 2 years, as you know your results and your goals.

After clicking „order” and registering, you get access to your customer panel.

You fill out a training survey here, on the basis of which you receive a training plan for 14 days in your Training Peaks account (new or current, if you have one – the Basic version is enough) to get to know Way2Progress service. You will also watch 2 sample webinars and see 3 examples of diet plans. After 14 days, the account will still be active, but in order to receive further training plans and gain access to new webinars and diets, it is necessary to purchase the paid version.

You do not need to provide any payment details to use the free version.

At Way2Progress, the trainer analyzes your monthly training surveys and checks the basic data on the implementation of the plan in Training Peaks. On this basis, he selects a new training plan. The service does not include a detailed analysis of each training session and individual consultations over the phone, as is the case with Way2Champ Premium Coaching:
If so far your trainings have not been structured and you have just ridden a bike, the first results are seen by most competitors after 2-3 months. In the case of more advanced cyclists, on average, this happens after 4-5 months of training. Progress over such a period of time averages 5-15% compared to the starting situation and is visible in many aspects of cycling (improvement in average speed, increase in explosive power, improvement in FTP, generating higher average and interval power, higher places in races or when riding in a group). The required degree of implementation of the plan is at least 80% of the scheduled trainings to see great effects.
The main application we use is Training Peaks. The Basic version is enough to use the trainings. If you would like to gain access to other program options (change the order of training, segment analysis, check progress, etc.), you will need the Premium version.
Indoor training instructions are provided in the program details. You can use our program on Zwift, Sufferfest, etc.
Way2Progress does not include a detailed analysis of each training unit, the development of an annual plan by the trainer, the ongoing adaptation of the plan to your changing situation (the plan is updated every 30 days, not every 7 days or more) or individual consultations with the trainer online or by phone. Here you pay much less than in Premium care, but contact with the trainer and plan changes are limited. However, you gain access to training and diet plans and a wealth of knowledge at an affordable price.
We do not charge an initial fee. Billing period – you pay only for the months (30 consecutive days) in which you use the service. For example, if you start on August 15th, the billing period will be August 15th to September 15th.
Payments are made on a recurring basis using the Stripe payment platform. After providing your credit card details, we charge the subscription amount automatically every 30 days so that you do not have to make manual payments every month. Of course, you can unsubscribe from the service at any time.
Yes, you can unsubscribe from the Way2Progress service at any time. For example, if you have purchased the period from August 15 to September 15 and you decide to cancel on September 5, your only fee will be the one you paid on August 15.
Yes, you can change the package up or down at any time. The update takes place in the next billing cycle. For example, if, for example, you have purchased the period from August 15 to September 15 and you decide to change your subscription to a higher one on September 5, the change will come into force on September 16.

Yes, just contact us on to set up details.

Comprehensive healthcare


49€ / month

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